07 June 2008

Sex and the City

Carrie and the gang are back again, this time in the cinema! When I heard the news for the first time, I was jubilated. Do I need to tell you I've been a die-hard fan of Sex and the City since it came out in its TV series avatar like a decade ago? At that time it provoked a lot of debate and criticism, as the show was one of the first which dealt with the subject of sexuality quite frankly. It was fun watching these four women in their early thirties talking about good and bad sex.

Ten years later, SATC made it into a bigger screen and for some reason I just don't think they have that fizz anymore. I mean, it's still a fine movie with great dialogue, but the audience who have seen all six series would love to see some surprises. However, there're not a lot of 'great surprises' that make you ponder deep into the issues of sexuality and relationship, but somehow the film is just an extension of an average episode. I know there'll be SATC fanclubs out there that will stone me to death but I need to say it: the film doesn't go anyway and it seems that it just comes in circle. Love, breaking up, making up, and friendship. Perhaps these are all life is. Perhaps I'm expecting too much.

Perhaps, when I come to seriously think about it, is it possible that all the six episodes have pretty much covered everything? Perhaps making this film is not a good decision, as the ending of these series is already perfect? That's why the ending of the film exactly corresponds with that of the last series, with Big and Carrie finally made it in a fairy-tale style. Would've it been better if they, let's say, become more adventurous, like making Carrie face an early menopause or having Samantha really die of cancer? These twists would be realistic in their own right and would provide the director and his whole team a lot of ground to explore. But perhaps, true to its own style, SATC may want to remain what it is, a contemporary fairy tale with a glaze of sex and fashion.

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